Moving to Japan



I finally moved to Japan and I got a place in Atsugi, Kanagawa. I’m very excited where my life would take me. I feel really nervous since I can’t speak or read Japanese but I guess I’ll be starting a new hobby which is called “learning Japanese”. I stayed in Yokohama for a week when I came to Japan. I landed in Narita and got a train from Narita-Yokohama station. Well, I’m not gonna recommend using train from Narita-Yokohama but! If you’re on a budget then it might be a good idea (just make sure you got a light baggage). I had 2 luggages with me that time and it was too much exhausting! But it was indeed cheap. I got 1’650 yen for that trip and it had 2 stops. I went around Yokohama and Tokyo for a week and finally got settled in Atsugi. It’s 40 mins away from Yokohama which means it is actually pretty easy to access. I’m not really into city life so I think Atsugi is perfect for me. It’s a small city but it has everything that you need. Plus you get to enjoy fresh air and lovely sights! Living costs are also not so high compared to living in Yokohama or Tokyo. I’m trying to get into some new stuffs around here and also I will be working here too! I’m so much excited about that actually! It’s my first time living abroad alone and also the first time to be away from my family. It’ll be lonely but It’ll also mean that my life has officially started again!


Twin Lakes Balinsasayao

I went to Lake Balinsasayo also know as Twin lakes last weekend. It was beautiful and surprisingly the weather was really good. Everything was perfect! This will take at least an hour from Dumaguete City.


Going there we rented a motor bike from Dumaguete City, It was almost lunch time when we started our trip so we also decided to stop over and have lunch in Azelea. It is a mountain view restaurant which serves Filipino food. They have coffee and beers too!

We had a good time in the restaurant and finally! We are off! We drove for about 20-30 mins more to the lake before we finally reached the place. The weather changed when we were going to the lake it started to drizzle and it was too foggy! I felt cold that time too.


Some of the roads were steep so we had to drive carefully. We got to the lake safely, the scene is really breath taking. Plus it is called “Twin” lakes because of the hidden lake that is located at the back of the main lake. If you want to see the 2nd lake you have to ride a boat and cross the 1st lake. Don’t worry they have boats there and you can rent them. We stayed there for about 2 hours just relaxing and you can also do kayaking there. I love everything that has to do with green.

It’s a good place to visit when you’re visiting Dumaguete City, Philippines.



SK- II Facial Treatment Essence Personal Review

KMEJ8267Have you heard of SK-II? The first time I heard about this product was from one of my Japanese students. I was awed by how poreless she was and told me that she was using this product. Well, I did my research about it and Guess what? It is really pricey! I asked some people around me about it and yes indeed they told me most of the consumer of this products are women ages 30 and up. But I can’t help but be curious about it since it really does have some good reviews. I ended up buying this SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. It cost me around 22,000 Yen for a 250 ml bottle that would be $195. I know it is pricey but I had to give it a try. I had a huge terrible breakout a few months ago and until now I’ve got the scars.

SK-II is good for:

  • Dull skin
  • Uneven Skintone
  • Refines pores
  • Brightening skin
  • Combination skin
  • Oily skin
  • Dry skin

It has 90% PITERA which is the main ingredient of SK-II and it is exclusively on SK-II only. It is combined with other rich vitamins, organic acids, and amino acids which is great for skin renewal. Pitera is the miracle ingredient of SK-II. (I think it is also the reason why it’s pricey. lol) You can see the results as early as 2-3 weeks. Basically you use it in the morning and in the night time. You can also follow it up with the moisturizer that you prefer. I used Nature Republic 92% aloe vera.


I used this product for a month now, day and night. I do get breakouts normally but when I started using this product I was amazed. I can totally say that this one is worth the $$$. My skin was always dull plus I always look tired since I sleep late A LOT. I never expected any dramatic change, I wasn’t paying attention to changes too but after a few weeks of using it my mom noticed the change. She suddenly asked me what product I am currently using since she thought my face was brigher than before plus I didn’t have any breakouts since I used this product. I am totally loving SK-II FTE. I guess It’s worth the price. I’m also not quite sure if there are any dupes for this product but for now I am totally sold by it even if it is insanely expensive. HTLI7706


Year Ender

2017, I expected that my life would literally be wonderful this year… Life is really unpredictable, 2016 was rough as hell too so I was hoping that this year would be better. Indeed, It is better than 2016 though I prefer to call 2017 “Stagnant” year. WHY? Well this year there were not so many down’s compared as 2016. BUT! There weren’t so many up’s either. Believe me I was on the line of giving up, but at some point God really does work in his own time and creates miracles. He blessed me with a hope when I got into a new company and will have a chance to work to another country. This is the moment that I waited for. New career, new company, new place and new country… It was all perfect for me to restart my life again. I was eager to start working as early as possible that I had started to process all my requirements as soon as possible. I started on getting my a driver’s license (BTW, I know how to drive and had been driving for a long time but I live in a very rural place in PH where people don’t really need to get a drivers license because the police never checks them.) To get my license I needed to pass the exam. I guess I was too much confident, I took the test and yea I failed. I lack 1 point to pass it. I was so devastated with it I had negative thoughts in my mind. I needed the license as soon as possible but I can only take the exam again after a month. To make the story short I had to ask my employer to wait a bit for my license and thankfully! After a month, I took the test and I got my license! I had too many encounters when I was processing my documents for abroad and for my employer. I am thankful that I survived despite the barriers I face. Now it is time for a new chapter, I promised myself to see the good in everything and to keep in mind that God has it’s own timing, he can do miracles. I am ready for 2018. 

“His Grace covers me, This is all I know. This is all I need.”  – R.J.L